Episode 17

Published on:

16th Sep 2021

NLR Counterpoint w/ David Moscrop & Rupa Subramanya

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Each week, we’ll bring you a panel discussion with Canada’s leading journalists, columnists, politicos, and change makers discussing what’s happening in the newsphere.

This week, we’re joined by Washington Post contributing columnist David Moscrop & economist and National Post columnist Rupa Subramanya to discuss what’s being mostly ignored by the mainstream press. Another minority government looks to be all but certain, with it, will electoral reform make a comeback? With the ascendency of the PPC, has the culture war arrived in Canada? Why are the major parties ignoring the economic plight of Canadians? We debate it all and more on this week’s Counterpoint.

Articles Mentioned

Moving beyond the centrist consensus in Election 44 - David Moscrop, Canadian Dimension

The People's Party of Canada's rise is more complicated than anti-Trudeau rage - Rupa Subramanya, National Post

Canadians are angry, and the PPC stand to benefit - Joe Roberts, Ricochet

About David Moscrop

David Moscrop is a contributing columnist for The Washington Post, the host of the podcast Open to Debate, and the author of "Too Dumb for Democracy? Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones."

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About Rupa Subramanya

Rupa Subramanya is an economist, Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation, and columnist for the National Post and Nikkei Asia. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street JournalForeign Policy, and The Globe and Mail, and she is co-author of the best-selling book, Indianomix.

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