Episode 19

Published on:

5th Jan 2021

Jeff Bezos is Your Overlord - Interview with Paris Marx

Jeff Bezos, and companies Amazon & Blue Origin, have a vision of humanity colonizing the solar system. They sell a future where we they can deliver on all of our needs, delivering every product imaginable from our new homes on Mars or Titan.

The reality is much starker than the utopia that Bezos is peddling. His vision of the future of humanity keeps us all bound to the wage slavery and exploitation of capitalism, while the elite profit from the unlimited bounty space has to offer - making fortunes in the billions look paltry.

But to see the reality of Bezos’ plan, all we have to do is look at the present, right here on Earth, to see that Amazon is built on the same failed economics that keeps working people down. And, we don’t even have to strap ourselves to a rocket to do it.

We’re joined by Paris Marx, host of the podcast Tech Won’t Save Us, for a discussion on the failures of tech, the commodification of our data, and the warning signs that they aren’t exactly leading us to the socialist utopia envisioned by the Federation of Planets.

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